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About us

Hi, and welcome to my Reiki page.

I am Angelo, a humble Reiki Master, proud Teacher, and loving Practitioner firmly grounded on deep Spiritual Principles.

Here to help anyone who needs healing of any kind, assisting to bring mind-body-heart and soul into balance.

Whether you are dealing with health issues, life difficulties, uncertainties, insecurities, or experiencing anything that stops you from feeling happy and fulfilled, give Reiki a try.
Those who allow the Life Energy of Reiki to flow through them, and to work with them, will tend to experience positive changes in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.
For any enquiries, to obtain a FREE initial telephone/Skype consultation, or to book an appointment, simply send a Private Message on our Life of Reiki Facebook page, or get in touch by using the contact details given below.

Sessions last between half hour and one and half hour, depending on your needs.
Services available in Liliw, Laguna in the Philippines in person, and worldwide by Skype:

  • Reiki Heling inc. Distance Healing, 
  • Reiki Training, and 
  • Attunements; 
  • Spiritual Healing (inc. Absent Healing), 
  • Spiritual Guidance, 
  • Psychic Advice 

Landline: (+63) 49 503 09 79
Mobile:    (+63) 906 056 5784

DISCLAIMER: Reiki Energy Healing is classed as a complementary therapy & therefore is not intended to replace conventional treatment/medication, but to work alongside it. No guarantees are implied or stated.
Reiki Practitioners do not interfere with the treatment being given by Doctors/Nurses, nor do they prescribe medication, or perform medical treatments.It is encouraged that you inform your Doctor of the intention to use Reiki as a complementary therapy, alongside their conventional treatment.
It is recommended that you should see your Doctor/Nurse initially for any physical or psychological ailment that you may have


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